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Why Insects

Insect farming is a viable, immediately scalable global redirect of an extraction-based agricultural industry to a more holistic, closed-loop model. 


The Insect Industry - More Than Food/Feed

Why Insects

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Insects vs. Plants?

Insect represents a more holistic approach to agriculture, increasing diversity through microbial ecosystems in soil, food & feed.

We need to focus on diversity and take our food conversation beyond "plants versus animals," to include algae, fungus, probiotics, and, of course, insects - especially if we value biomimicry and ecosystem-based agriculture. 

From a full-energy-life-cycle perspective, insects blow everything else out of the water (especially when raised on otherwise wasted organic feedstock). 

There is a lot of work to be done. But the next step for bugs is to take the global conversation to the scale the “plant-based” concept is currently receiving as a solution to food system challenges. 


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