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Chapul Farms: Scaling Insect Agriculture for a Carbon Negative Future

Chapul Farms leverages the regenerative potential of insects in order to close the loop on organic waste byproducts and animal feed production.

Chapul Farms builds on site at the point source of waste streams from agriculture and food production facilities to optimize environmental and economic benefit. In doing so, Chapul is not only able to turn a customer’s cost center (organic/agricultural waste) into a profit center, but it is also able to turn a waste byproduct into a highly valuable soil amendment to support the restoration of land and soil health while also producing an alternative protein product with unparalleled resource efficiency.

These facilities leverage the power of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to naturally breakdown a variety of organic waste streams producing two primary, high-value byproducts: (1) high quality bio-fertilizer for redeployment of nutrients back on to farms (providing nutrients and a diverse microbiome back to land to support soil health), and (2) larvae that can be sold as a premium fat/protein chicken feed or aquafeed.

Chapul Farms acts as a project developer providing front end engineering and design services (in partnership with Nexus PMG) to large scale agriculture and waste management companies seeking to build a BSFL facility to manage their significant on-farm, organic waste streams.

Chapul Farms is also able to support these facilities with ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) support, a license for proprietary biotech applications that enable the larvae to achieve more efficient waste production, and sales and distribution of larvae to third party buyers.
Closed Loop Regenerative Agriculture

How is Chapul Farms Different From Chapul?

Chapul made headlines in 2014 when Mark Cuban invested in the first US cricket protein bar on Shark Tank, catalyzing financial, regulatory, and market growth of the broader insect industry. Chapul Farms, an evolution founded in 2018 to focus specifically on black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) applications, has a bigger mission: design and build modular insect farms that showcase the potential of closed-loop, carbon-negative food production.

Agricultural-induced climate change is putting human existence at risk. Insect agriculture addresses the foundational challenges of climate change and food production. Scaling our business model, and the net-positive impact, is in direct service to our ultimate customers - future generations.