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Our Process

We develop infrastructure and technology, co-located with each partner, to valorize organic waste streams by feeding them to Black Soldier Farm Larvae (BSFL). These farms, in-turn, produce premium animal feed (BSFL) and premium frass fertilizer (BSFL poop). 

Each project is highly customized based on the waste stream input to maximize the system's conversion efficiency.


With each new waste stream project partnership opportunity, we follow these general steps: 


Pre-Project Planning 

Project development overview, budgets, funding and contractor onboarding, de-risking... Assess for what project partners will be needed

*Financial Modeling

*Identify the waste streams (ie the highest-potential feedstock to build an insect farm off of)


Project Feasibility Analysis

*Find creditworthy counterparts to the deal to make it bankable - have a credible broker. [?]

*Land setup assessment (co-location) - site selection, zoning, and code

*Contractors for the buildout (NEXUS) - critical to scaling and incredible at assessing and de-risking projects upfront 


Feedstock Analysis

Insects are nature's bio-processors, leveraging entire ecosystems of beneficial microbes contained in their gut biota to break down organic material.

*Collect and process initial feedstock supply data. Identify the key metrics; take the feedstock analysis, feed to statistician, and give the client the story about their feedstock for the next few years. 

*Trial phase investigating the insect biology - model it out as a living system. 

*Moisture, etc.

*Develop the pre-treatment (FRAUNHOFER TECHNOLOGY)

*They own the largest compound and insect library; developed a chemical cocktail that dramatically can change the mass balance equation


Pilot Design & Buildout

We model and build pilot farms to identify and mitigate critical risk to scale-up.

*Infrastructure Design


Full System Design

Big problems require big solutions. We engineer, procure, and construct industrial scaled farms using the latest insect agriculture systems.


Fulls Systems Integration & Facilities Optimization

The end products for each project are highly customized modular biological units for each client and waste stream - BSFL farm units that transform and upcycle organic waste into BSFL (treated to standardize the larvae to sell as poultry or fish feed) and premium frass biofertilizer.

  • Project Engineering & Design Services: Our coordinated design packages ensure the efficient interaction between plants, equipment, and the environment.
  • Integration of complex equipment systems: Decades worth of combined commercial cultivation experience to craft fully-integrated systems and technology solutions, including environmental controls, water treatment, climate control and fertigation.
  • Facility Optimization: Fine tune and optimize grow environment conditions for high-performance facilities.

Ongoing Operations & Management


*Competition has app - "at a glance control of their systems, inventory management for inputs, etc. Intelligence to guide breeding, etc."

*EPC Management 

*Operations & Maintainence

[insert from NEXUS +]

Off-Take Product Processing

*Support on how to process and package for the highest margins (if desired) 

*Off-take Contracting










Microbe-Insect Interactions

Insect Microbiology


Chapul Farms Pilot Rendering

Chapul Farms Pilot


Chapul Farms Rendering

Chapul Farms Rendering


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