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Off-Take Customers

Chapul Farms develops projects with its team of global leaders in BSFL breeding, microbial, and living-systems engineering. Our process and technology are best-in-class and commercially ready to scale. Our existing client partner pipeline exceeds 20 high-value projects.

We develop infrastructure and technology, co-located with each partner, to valorize organic waste streams by feeding them to Black Soldier Farm Larvae (BSFL). These farms, in-turn, produce premium animal feed (BSFL) and premium frass fertilizer (BSFL poop).

In other words, we design and build modular insect farms that showcase the potential of closed-loop, carbon-negative food production.



Opportunities Available:

  • Finance Chapul Farms (Prospective Investors) - Learn More Here
  • Become a Waste Stream Project Partner (Prospective Clients) - Learn More Here
  • Become an Off-Take Customer (Poultry Feed, Aquaculture, Frass Biofertilizer) - Read Below